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mysuper247 provides your SMSF with access to a range of investment options at literally a click of a button.
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Desktop Broker is powered by Bell Direct and offers mysuper247 users a streamlined approach to opening their very own stockbroking account. Desktop Broker use an award winning trading platform, real broker research from Bell Potter and a host of other smart features including; real broker research, daily trading ideas, easy tax reporting, mobile trading, free conditional orders, 1 second guarantee, multi order pad and stock filter tools.

CMC Markets are a global company whose award winning trading platform allows clients to trade shares, indices, currencies, commodities and treasuries all from a single account. CMC have a global team of market analysts and market strategists who cover all major asset classes. Their team provides clients with up to the minute market analysis ensuring they stay informed with all market events. CMC have highly competitive pricing sets them apart from competitors and they maintain total transparency with costing.

You will find further information below about CMC’s Stockbroking and CFD accounts. Should you wish to establish an account please follow the links below to get started.

Stockbroking Account

A CMC stockbroking account will allow you to trade shares with their award platform. Share trading allows you to obtain legal ownership in a specific company. Once you have shares in a company you own the underlying asset and can access company dividends. If you wish to open a stockbroking account, please click the button below to get started.


If you are considering using your super to invest in Contracts for Difference (CFD) it is important you have an in depth understanding of the product, please visit the CMC website for further information and a PDS.

The enduring success of this strategy is now a matter of historical record. La Trobe Financial’s highly rated and internationally and domestically multi-award winning Fund has continued to deliver choice, stability and premium returns to its investors. One of the Fund’s options has been awarded ‘Best Mortgage Fund in Australia’ for the last six consecutive years.

The fund offers investors a number of choices about where to place their money.

La Trobe Financial provides a with a managed fund solution for investment needs where they pool investment monies together. La Trobe Financial as the Investment Manager then originates, manages and sells assets in their Fund on the investors behalf. Investors are usually paid monthly income distributions - and receive their capital sum upon expiry of the chosen investment term.

SMSF Cash Management Account

All mysuper247 users are required to establish a Cash Management Account (CMA) that will act as the transaction account for their SMSF. This CMA will allow users to effortlessly manage and track the movement of money in and out of your account. Macquarie are the chosen cash hub for one in four SMSFs and are committed to offering a high level of service every client.

Australian Money Market have built an innovative term deposit platform enabling clients to trade term deposits in one place. AMM has partnered with mysuper247 to act as a cash hub and provide SMSF term deposit options as part of the service offering.

Term Deposits

Term deposits (TDs) are a popular form of investment amongst those who favour capital security and a fixed return. A term deposit is a cash investment that generates a fixed amount of investment over a fixed time period know as a term. As a self-managed super fund investor, you have streamlined access to Australian Money Market TDs.

Benefits to SMSF investors

AMM is an ideal platform for SMSF term deposit investors, providing:

  • Access to term deposit rates from more than 20 Australian financial institutions all in one place
  • Choice of best rate from at call to 5 years
  • Easy switching at maturity to avoid having funds automatically reinvested at lower non-competitive rates with the same institution
  • Safety and security with funds always securely invested in your name
  • Coverage for all institutions by the Government Guarantee Scheme

AMM's Term Deposits are a great option for self-directed investors if you:

  • like to be in control of your superannuation and make hands-on decisions regarding your investments
  • are time poor and don't want to handle the administration or compliance burden of administering your SMSF

Australian Group Insurances Pty Ltd (AGI) is a third party insurance administrator specialising in group insurance. Group insurance is an employee benefit that protects a company’s most valuable assets: its people. It insures SMSF members are covered in adverse events and therefore forms an integral part of your fund’s investment strategy. As an SMSF trustee, you are required by law to consider the insurance needs of your members, as having the right life insurance in place can protect you, your family and your investments.

What are the features?
  • Unlimited Life cover – this provides the member's dependants with a lump sum benefit if they die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • TPD cover of up to $3m – this provides the member, or their dependants, with a lump sum benefit if they are sick or injured to the extent where they are not expected to ever work again.
  • Income Protection cover of up to $30,000 per month – this provides members with an ongoing monthly income in the event that they become totally or partially disabled (either temporarily or permanently) and are unable to work due to sickness or injury.
Who is the insurance provider?

The SMSF Master Insurance Plan is issued by one of the country’s leading life insurers, AIA Australia, and is administered by one of the pre-eminent insurance administrators in the market, AGI. AGI’s role includes all the day to day administration handling, policy enquiries and claims management.

What if I need to make a claim?

Making a claim is easy to do. Contact AGI on (02) 9253 7909 between 8:30am and 5:00pm weekdays or email and they will manage your claim with AIA Australia. We ask that members allow at least 10 days from submission of documents for the initial assessment to be completed.

Spring FG Wealth Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 391655) which authorises financial advice and dealing activities of the to deliver financial advice and solutions to retail and wholesale clients across a broad range of services; including superannuation investments, insurance, finance, equities, direct and SMSF residential and commercial properties.

Whether it’s the assessment of fund managers or establishing and managing your own super fund, we can help you take control of strategies and structures to align with your goals.

For most Australians superannuation will be a vital (or even primary) source of income in retirement; therefore, for you, establishing the right structure and achieving investment outcomes can have a major impact on exactly when you are able to retire and on your lifestyle in retirement. We can help you make sure you make the right decisions at the right time.

We view property like any other asset-class; balancing risk versus reward and knowing that careful, independent product selection is critical to maximizing financial returns.

Most Australians feel comfortable with direct investment in real estate yet most financial planners overlook this asset class completely, leaving their clients to tackle this critical opportunity and associated risks. Spring can help you decide if direct property investment helps you achieve your goals and, if so, help you select a property that fits your plans.

Spring FG Realty is a licensed real estate company; with licences in New South Wales (1708663), Queensland (3510266), Victoria (074746L) and ACT (18401881). Its role in the group is to research and help identify residential property solutions for the group’s clients, applying stringent due diligence processes to ensure each property passes high standards in quality and fit clients’ overall financial and lifestyle objectives.

If you would like to get in contact with us please email us at or call us on 1300 4 SPRING.

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